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When Chinese New Year Tradition Goes Digital

Last weekend we saw one of the most colorful celebrations in the world — The Chinese Spring Festival. World leaders sent out warm greetings for the Chinese year of the Rooster on Weibo. Facebook founder Mark Zacburg also posted images of dumpling making at home with his Chinese wife Priscilla to celebrate her Chinese origin. This is one of the most active times for Chinese social media platforms such as Weibo and Wechat.

In China, millions of people are celebrating the most important Chinese festival the traditional way –family feasts, watching the Chinese New Year count down Gala on TV till midnight. There are also millions of people who took a less traditional way of celebrating – traveling. No matter which way they chose to celebrate the Spring Festival, there is one essential New Year “activity” they will not miss — sending & receiving red envelopes. This ancient Chinese tradition also embraced the internet and has gone digital. Wechat, Weibo and Alipay all have red envelope function to allow their users to turn this tradition into an interesting, engaging and fun activity with their family and friends. Wechat released some interesting facts and numbers about Wechat Red envelopes from Chinese New Year’s eve. Here we share some statistics which we think you may find interesting.

  1. 14.2 billion wechat red envelopes were sent on Chinese New Years’ Eve.



2. GuangDong Province saw the highest number of red envelopes movement. All the 4 Tier 1 cities are within the top 5 cities with most wechat red envelopes sent/received.

Chinese New Year, Red Envelops, Wechat

3. The numbers. 8 & 6 are the most popular used numbers in Wechat red envelope value and many Chinese people are showing their romantic side through these red envelopes.

Chinese New Year, Red Envelops, Wechat

Data source from Tencent. Interpreted by Simply Mandarin.

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