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Weibo to remove 140-character limit

Weibo hit the Chinese social media headlines today by releasing the information that it is to remove the 140-character limit on Weibo posts. Users will be able to post any content under 2000 characters. The new policy will apply to Weibo members from 28th Jan 2016 and will be open to all Weibo users as of 28th Feb 2016.

There will be no changes to the post window where contents are uploaded.

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Once the content is published, it will only show 140 characters on the readers interface while the rest of the contents will be displayed at the end of the message as an expansion link (H5). Readers who are interested in the contents can click the link to view full content.

This news has sparked a lot of debate on line in China. While some users embrace the new found freedom to publish more content in a single post, others are critical about the move. Weibo means ‘Microblog’ in Chinese where ‘Wei’ means ‘tiny’ which fits in with the 140 character limit.

That aside, what impact will this new policy have on Weibo marketers?

Does it mean there will be more investment on Weibo content generation?

Here is our advice for Weibo content marketers:

  • No need to panic, stick to the previous 140 character limit rule for now. It has been possible to post longer content on Weibo for some time anyway. There were 2 options. You could use what was called long weibo (长微博) or simply add a hyperlink to your post. According to our experience, the click rate really depends on how attractive your content is in the 140 characters. Also, web loading speed is another impact factor for click through rate.
  • Stay informed. The new policy is going to be available for Weibo members as of 28th It will be interesting to see how the public will react to the new rules. We will be closely following the reactions of users and developing new strategies to maximise the marketing potential and advise our clients accordingly.

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