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The Power of Weibo–Two Men & One Cloud

Social media has created many great stories. The hottest stories on Weibo recently is probably the story of orange brother.

The story begins with a lost iphone in the States. New Yorker Matt Stopera noticed that photos of a Chinese man and some orange trees appeared on his photo stream so he wrote about it & tweeted about it.

Weibo ,orange brother, Matt stopera

The screenshot of the Orange bro appearing on Matt’s photo stream which he posted on twitter

Somebody noticed the story , translated it into Chinese and posted it on Weibo. Unexpectedly social media fans on twitter and Weibo took a great interest in it and the story just couldnt stop spreading. Weibo fans  successfully found the Man in Matt’s photo stream and called him 橘子哥(literally meaning” orange brother”) who lives in GuangDong province in China.

MAtt Stopera, Chinese Weibo, Chinese social media

Pics that Matt posted on his Weibo

Now both of them have opened verified Weibo accounts and became cyber celebrities. What is more, Weibo user have bought a new iphone for Orange bro and Matt is getting a visa to China to “reunite” with this man who appeared on his photo stream. The chat between Matt and orange bro is watched by thousands of followers. We dont know where the story is going to end ,but perhaps that is why it is interesting!




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