The importance of ‘localising’

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The importance of ‘localising’

I have just returned from a trip to China, which for me was a combination of business and pleasure (probably more of the latter!). The trip was set to coincide with Chinese New Year (the year of the Snake) and enjoying those celebrations in China was a fabulous experience that I would highly recommend to anyone. However, what I wish to write about today, is something that I was constantly reminded of whilst travelling in China, which is the importance of localisation. To make my point, I have posted a couple of photos.

These are genuine photos that I took whilst on my travels and they are just two of many examples that I encountered. The reason I selected these was mainly because I found them amusing, but the intention is not to mock others, instead I wish to highlight a really common problem. The important bit to remember is that this does not happen in one direction (when Chinese is translated to English), it of course works exactly the same the other way round.

If you are serious about doing business with China, we would strongly suggest that you think carefully about this. These photos are amusing to the tourist, but a business partner would not be impressed. Paying for the cheapest possible translation is not a good investment. Are the translators local? Are they educated? Do they care?

Simply Mandarin offers a quality translation and localisation service that is second to none, and still represents incredible value. Don’t let the joke be on you next time!

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