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Known as the “Chinese twitter”, Weibo is one of the most influential social media platforms, having over 500 million registered users. Almost all the Fortune 500 companies are marketing through Weibo and many British brands are catching on…..Harrods, British Airways and Burberry just to name a few. Simply Mandarin has vast experience helping UK companies setup and create a presence using the marketing power of the Weibo platform. Why not get in touch to see how we can market your brand on Weibo?

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Weibo Marketing

Display Ads

Sina weibo pages have various spaces to place display ads. Display ads are a great way to get your brand or product ‘out there’ and attract online traffic to your website.


We have access to many Key Opinion Leaders on Weibo and we can leverage their influence to help your Weibo message reach out to a larger target audience.

Promoted Weibo Posts – FST

This is the most cost effective Weibo Advertising platform…. Weibo FST (FenSiTong). Weibo FST service works very much like twitter’s promoted Tweets where you can promote your Weibo message to your target audience by gender, age, location, hobby etc. The pricing models of FST ads are CPE and CPM to meet your marketing demands.

  • “Simply Mandarin does very accurate and prompt translation, always a pleasure to work with on both short and long term projects."

  • “Great to work with Simply Mandarin. Very professional”

    Alex L.
    Alex L.British Museum
  • “Simply Mandarin has truly taken away the pressures of trying to launch our business into China. Their regional knowledge and marketing knowhow is helping us grow avoiding all the pit falls typical for a foreign business starting out in a market place with such wide cultural differences to what we’re used to.”

    TFF Asia Limited
    TFF Asia Limited
  • “Simply Mandarin has carried out the translation efficiently and to a high standard with good communication at all times.”

    Larry N.
    Larry N.Bridgnorth
  • “Extremely professional team with a great business and marketing mind coupled with in-depth knowledge of doing business with Chinese Companies. ”

    David J.
    David J.INTO

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