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Simply Mandarin Cultural Attaché

A definition of a Cultural Attaché would include the following:

A Cultural Attaché is a diplomat with special responsibility for promoting his or her own country’s culture abroad.

What does Cultural Attaché mean in the Simply Mandarin use of the term?

Our Cultural Attaché, when working for you, will have special responsibility for expertly promoting your business in a culturally sensitive manner. The Cultural Attaché working closely with you and your team is specially chosen to have a good understanding of you, your business needs and the partners who you will be working with in China.  China is a vast country with a diverse population.  Our Cultural Attaché will be highly sensitive to the region and background of your business locations.

We have Cultural Attachés based both in the UK and in China.  They are highly qualified and experienced bi-cultural and bi-lingual business professionals who will work tirelessly on your behalf to ensure that you get the most out of any business contacts you have with your clients.  This can include providing full interpreting services on your behalf, but much more as well.

The services of our Cultural Attachés range from being fully ‘embedded’ in your company, always on hand to facilitate good bi-cultural business practice, physically present in meetings, making Skype calls, and other conference calling, but also being part of the team planning these meetings and debriefing afterwards.  These services include ensuring that all documentation between business partners passes the Simply Mandarin Cultural Attaché test.  Other clients have used our Cultural Attaché in a less embedded way for targeted services such as important meetings, recruitment, or initial hosting of clients. We even provide a telephone answering service that would pass our Simply Mandarin Cultural Attaché test, where clients buy-in to a telephone service to support you and your clients.

Having a Simply Mandarin diplomat, a Cultural Attaché, facilitating your business just couldn’t be simpler.

Our menu of services allows your business the flexibility to choose what would work best for you and to change your requirements and adapt as necessary.

Remember, ‘the Chinese’ are not inscrutable, they are Chinese, and much can be lost in cross border business meetings if subtle cultural and sub-linguistic messages are not fully understood.  A translation service, no matter how good, will only translate what is said, you will not get the full intelligence you could be using to advance your business.

A Simply Mandarin Cultural Attaché will provide you with the intelligence you need to lead your business astutely from a position of increased awareness and understanding.

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