Mayor of London’s Personal Branding in China via Sina Weibo

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Mayor of London’s Personal Branding in China via Sina Weibo

With over 5 million users, Sina Weibo is a great social platform for personal branding in China. Celebrities, writers, artists , business leaders and more politicians in China are using it. Many western celebrities have also joined the “Weibo Party” ,  Victoria Beckham, Tom Cruise, Bill Gates, Andy Murray etc. But today we are going to have a look at the first UK politician who uses Sina Weibo to build personal branding among the Chinese:   Boris Johnson, Mayor of London.

Boris has a verified Sina Weibo account with nearly 130,000 followers and there are only 79 posts so far.  Below is a screen shot of his Weibo page.

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 07.53.44

Boris set up a Verified Weibo account back in April 2012 to woo the Chinese voters in London as part of the Mayor’s social media strategy. Soon accumulated a follower base of 50,000  immediately despite there was only a few posts and they were in English. Boris then had a couple of messages updates during London Olympics.

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 08.20.01






The Mayor’s is back to Weibo again prior to recent visit to China to promote London to the Chinese investors. This time, all the Weibo posts are in Chinese  and a “Weibo Interview ” session with live translation was launched before he flew to China with two “Boris Bikes” as prize for the lucky Weibo participants. This of course generated a lot of online publicity for Boris and London and the interview contents were cited by many Chinese media companies. And of course, the Mayor has charmed many Chinese youngsters through these social activities, well done on Sina Weibo, Boris.








Click here to watch this 2 min video produced by Simply Mandarin on how to build personal brand on Sina Weibo.

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