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Last Week on Weibo

Screen Shot 2014-05-04 at 11.25.47Top 10 Most discussed topics on Weibo last week:

1. May Holiday: 1st May is a public holiday in China. So “Travel”,”Food”,”Shopping”,”Sale” will be the theme!

2. JingDong: Successful online marketplace with HQ in Beijing.

3.BaiDu: The Chinese search engine

4.May : Again Spring Holiday

5. May Long Weekend

6.WenZhang: Chinese actor whoes recent affair with co-star was revealed on Weibo.

7. IPO : Sina Weibo IPO

8. Beijing Car Show: Beijing drives home status in luxury market at car show

9. SuNing: Privately owned Chinese E-commerce Leader with HQ in NanJing

10.Kim Soo HyunSouth Korean actor, model and singer


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