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Gok Wan:Made in China

British Chinese stylist and TV personality Gok Wan made a documentary called “Made in China” with 4oD recently. It was an interesting programme, taking a look at modern manufacturing in China,  looking at the processes, people involved and touching on both modern and traditional Chinese attitudes towards work, life and death.

It was amazing to see the scale of the processes, and there were many surprising facts. For example, did you know that every one of the millions of jeans produced in China are actually handmade. I was surprised to hear that whether you buy a bra from your supermarket or a top designer store, it is likely that they are in the same factory!

Gok also explored the dramatic changes in China, with rising labour cost and the country’s strong currency, and questioned how much longer can China sustain its cost competitive advantage? It seems that more and more Chinese companies are taking Made-in-China to Designed/Developed-in-China as a growing strategy. I have seen a few companies make this successful transition and I for one will be very interested to watch the changes in Chinese manufacturing in the next decade or so.

Here is the link to watch the documentary online!

Gok Wan: Made in China

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