Emission Market

Emission Market

Simply Mandarin’s ultimate goal in the ‘emissions business’ is to facilitate swift, safe and cost efficient channels for Chinese project owners to bring their carbon credits into the European market. This is done through our Registry account in the UK and our well-developed relationships with end-users in the Emission market.


Simply Mandarin has expertise and well-established relationships with end-users in the emissions market. There are no delays in requesting the Letter of Approvals. Once the CERs are issued, we can quickly find a buyer for these credits and make payments to Project Owners right away.


Despite being a new face in the emissions market, Simply Mandarin has gained a solid reputation for being “a company of its word.” Upon request, Simply Mandarin will open bank guarantees for project owners for their CER transaction to ensure the credits risk exposure will be minimised.

Cost Efficient

Unlike many buyers in the Carbon market, Simply Mandarin deeply appreciates a “win-win” business relationship. We treat our partners well and are willing to provide our customers a full service package (monitoring / verification / issuance / delivery / sales) with an incredibly competitive price tag.

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