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Chinese domain. Is it important??

China and its Internet?

According to the latest report from China Internet Newtork Information Center, the netizen of China has reached a staggering number of 564million as of the end of 2012. The Internet coverage in China is about 42.1% in 2012 and it is reported by 2015 the number of internet users in China is going to be 800million.

What is a Chinese domain?

The most popular Chinese domains are domains ending with .cn and . Many Chinese multinational companies  uses .com domains as their HQ site and and .cn for their domestic Chinese website.  Cn. is short for China.

Why get a Chinese domain?

There are a number of reasons why any business tapping into the Chinese market should obtain a Chinese domain.  We will explain the two main reasons here:

1.Protect your IP assets online

Brands face many risks about protecting their IP assets online, the most known domain infringement risk is cyber squatting where people or an entity registers your company domain at low cost and then try to sell it to you at much higher price. This is manipulation of the first-to-file rule in domain registration.  Sometimes your domain could be registered by a competitor who might not even sell you the domain at all. So it is important for companies to protect its company name, product, services and brands through domain name registration of top domains as early as possible.

2. Localized online marketing portfolio

The world Wide Web has brought the world closer with the click of a button. Globalisation is happening in all fields of life and particularly in the business world. A crucial step to bring a products/service to the global market is by localizing it to target market. Communicating with the local audience in the way they used to absorb information is vital.

As we know the booming of internet use and online marketing in China, getting an on-line presence in China is the easiest and most cost-effective initial market-entry step. Having a .cn domain definitely gives the edge and delivers the information that “we know how you would like things to be done and we are serious about the Chinese market” . Of course there are much more complicated issues could be explored in terms of localized online portfolio but having a domain is definitely  a very important market-entry step.

How do you buy a Chinese domain?

Prior to 2009 ,there is a full automated domain registration system for Chinese domain just as what you can domains these days. However the Chinese government authority set stricter domain name registration process aiming to ensure authenticity and reduce bad-faith registration, cyber squatting etc. Now the registration process involves filling out applications, been stamped signed and a series of validating process with request to file company ID.

Most of the time, the application documents are in Chinese and very few of customer service staff speaks English so it is becoming more and more difficult for non-Chinese speakers to understand and complete the .cn domain purchase process.

This is exactly where we can help! Simply Mandarin has a team of native Chinese speakers with fluent spoken and written English who can help you complete this process in the most efficient manner.

How does it work?

4 Easy steps! You tell us what you want, we take care of the rest…

  1. Get in touch with Simply Mandarin with your interested domain names
  2. Simply Mandarin advisor will check the availability for you and get back to you with availability and price within 24 hours
  3.  You tell us whether you would like to go ahead or not
  4.  Simply Mandarin will complete the purchasing process on your behalf and you will own your Chinese domain in no time! *

Get in touch to get a free no-obligation quote from us!

* Timeframe. Normally the purchase process can be completed in 1-2 weeks. Depending on the validating progress, a registration could take up to 4 weeks.

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