China Market Research

Chinese Market Entry Research

You have probably looked at this in depth in your home market and have gathered some information about the Chinese market. Rigorous market research mitigates against the risks of entering a new market, especially a market that differs so much from the west and is changing rapidly. Simply Mandarin experts have strong experience in designing winning market entry strategies by effectively capturing the consumer needs and preferences. We can identify key parameters for a range of business strategy models, based on both survey and historical data.

Typical Framework For Our Market Entry Research.

Industry Analysis

Decide the value of market entry Industry overview, market size, profitability Chinese entry barriers

Market segment and opportunities

Decide target market segment to enter Concentration, market segment size and growth rate, product life cycle, target customers characteristics and demands

Competitive landscape in Chinese market

Decide positioning Competitor analysis such as competitor business model, strategy and 4P’s Competitors’ market influence

Competitive landscape in Chinese market

How do you enter Chinese Market?

Simply Mandarin Research Process

  • Research Objective

  • Data Collection

  • Data Analysis

  • Interpret Data & Evaluation

  • Report Presentation

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    TFF Asia Limited
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