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Case Study: Coca Cola’s Weibo Marketing


Coca Cola has been cooperating with Sina Weibo to promote its customized bottles using Weibo Wallet. It costs about 20 yuan (about £2 ) a bottle. So, how was the online sales?

  • The first day, 300 bottles sold out within one hour
  • The second day, 500 bottles sold out in half an hour
  • The third day, 500 bottles sold out in five minutes
  • The fourth day, 300 bottles sold out in one minute

What’s the secret behind these numbers?  Coca Cola launched its “nickname bottle” incorporating Chinese internet buzzwords into its branding. In this new marketing campaign, Weibo played an essential role. Celebrities and opinion leaders showed off their customized bottles with their names. It soon became popular among consumers making their own bottles.

When Coca Cola knew the need of the consumers, they immediately worked together with Sina Weibo to attract more  consumers to customize their bottles in the vast Chinese market. In order to test Weibo Wallet, Coca Cola only charged delivery fees. Consumers can choose the nicknames they like to be printed on the bottle, and their own names, then pay for delivery fees via Weibo Wallet. It is as simple as any online shopping procedures.

After the first day’s sale on Weibo, consumers shared their bottles with their friends on social media, which explained why Coca Cola’s customized bottle sell better and better day by day. This is the power of social media marketing. (From China Internet Watch)

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