Are you ready for the Chinese Golden Week?

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Are you ready for the Chinese Golden Week?

The National Holiday of China falls on 1st of Oct. In 1999, Chinese government issued a new holiday  policy to enable a 7 day holiday in a row by altering the weekend arrangements of the national holiday. It was therefore called the “GOLDEN WEEK “.  This year’s Golden Week starts from 1st of Oct and ends of 7th of Oct. (Business back to normal on the 8th).

Golden week holiday arrangement












Unlike most European countries, there isn’t a legal policy of x amount of annual leaves for Chinese employees. It is up to the employers to decide how many days annual leave a staff is entitled. This often has something to do with the company, the staff’s experience, capability, roles etc. The 7 day Golden Week is therefore an valuable holiday for many Chinese people to travel or enjoy a break to spoil themselves.

The Chinese highway will open its toll gate;  Chinese businesses (both online&offline) will try their best to get Chinese consumers to spend.  The traffic both online and offline will increase dramatically. But are you ready for this?

Get in touch to tell us more about your business and see how Simply Mandarin get help you capture the marketing opportunity in the coming Golden Week ?

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