6 Digital Marketing Trends in China

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6 Digital Marketing Trends in China

A Recent Report by Data Center of China Internet (DCCI) shows that Chinese advertisers continue to favor social media platforms with Weibo,Wechat,QQ&Qzone dominating the social channels.  Here are the 6 trends of digital marketing China identified through DCCI research.

Digital Marketing China

1. User Experience. More focus on user experience and interactions through mobile smart devices.

2.Mobile Ads. Different form of Mobile ads emerges with In-APP ads leading the mobile advertising trend. Mobile video ads will grow.

3. Social Media Marketing. Social feed ads are growing and accepted by social media users.

4. RTB,DSP&Big Data. The wider application fo RTB, DSP and big data. Media buying moves slowly towards audience buying.

5. Multiple Screen Interactions. Screen.Multiple screen integrated marketing accelerates which marks the era of multiple touch point interactive marketing.

6. Local.Mobile feeds are becoming more local. O2O and local marketing service creates huge commercial potential.

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