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5 Reasons for a Chinese website

5 Reasons why you should have a Mandarin Chinese website:

1.  There are 80 different local dialects in China, Mandarin Chinese is still the official language of the country. The majority of websites in China are done in Simplified Chinese which is the name of written Mandarin Chinese.

2. According to the latest report from China Internet Network Information Center, the netizen of China has reached a staggering number of 564million as of the end of 2012. The Internet coverage in China is about 42.1% in 2012 and it is reported that by 2015 the number of Internet users in China is going to be 800million.  Having a Chinese website gives your potential Chinese customer and your brand a chance to see and be seen.

3. Your Chinese website is your business card to the multitude of people who are online searching for the product or service you are offering. Your website is accessible to your Chinese clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Time difference doesn’t matter here.

4. You Chinese website allows you to communicate with your Chinese potential customers in an image rich and descriptive way.  A quality Chinese website does not only communicate clear messages about your product and service, it also adds more credibility to your company.

5. It is a very cost-effective way of promoting your brand among the Chinese online community.

Simply Mandarin Promotion in May!

 “May” you have a brilliant Mandarin Chinese website!

How can Simply Mandarin help?

Simply Mandarin offers a very straightforward and transparent service pricing structure to assist our customer enjoy the first step for your China-UK business relationship.

We are doing a promotion on website site localization in May. Our team of professional translators are here to help you translate your website into Mandarin Chinese with focus on both linguistic precision and cultural compatibility. We don’t and will never use translation software; every word is carefully translated and selected by our language experts who are passionate about translation communication!

More than Translation…

When you choose Simply Mandarin to translate your website, you also get :

Our Bilingual advisor will be more than happy to work with your IT in the process of uploading the contents, in case your IT might not read Mandarin!

Free advice from our marketing consultant about the best way to market your product and service to the Chinese market.

Simply drop us a line on [email protected] or call us on 020 328 65888 for a no-obligation quote and get your website translated now…

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